In a remote Maya community in Yucatán, México, people follow centuries-old ways of living, from cooking over an open fire to giving birth in hand-woven hammocks. A complete lack of work forces men to travel, while women stay in the pueblo, as immigration seems to be the only option for economic progress.

out to dry

Bacila Tzek Uc

the last midwife of the community, reveals the secrets of the ancestral knowledge that guides her sacred work. From natural medicine to pre-natal massages, Bacila empowers women with the tools for natural childbirth. But Bacila is 90 years old, and her patients are unsure of how they will go on without her, intimidated by public hospitals, where doctors commonly resort to cesarean sections. 


The women rely on Bacila for conserving their cultural traditions. Rumor has it that she’ll never die, because if she does…

who will tell

the stories?

Alinari, 3 weeks

Alinari, 3 weeks